Zen Tree Care Services

We provide the highest quality tree care and servicing, always keeping plant health and vigour as top priority.

Tree Pruning

The most basic method of tree care is pruning. Ensuring a tree has proper branch structure to withstand wind, snow, and ice loads, is part of what we do at Zen Tree Care.

Tree Assessment

Your trees play an important role in transforming your property's landscape, and modifying the climate around your home.

Tree & Stump Removal

Zen Tree Care has decades of experience in removing dead, dying and hazardous trees safely. We have the know how to ensure the job gets done without incident.

Tree Restoration

Tree restoration may involve the removal of individual branches that have broken as the result of wind, ice or snow loading.

Bracing & Cabling

Supplemental support systems (bracing and cabling) has the capacity to hold a tree against the strain of ice and snow; reducing the chances of damage markedly.

Tree Conservation

Trees make up an integral part of the environment in which we live. They provide oxygen, shade, wind break, and a whole host of benefits to us.

Tree Consultation

Construction projects, insurance requirements, real estate valuations, are some of the times when it is necessary to have a certified arborist present an objective report.

Soil Enhancement Program

We are experts in dealing with soil compaction, and nutrient depletion; ensuring your tree gets the attention it deserves.

Easy Lift Services

Zen Tree Care acquired an Easy Lift 70-36AJ spiderlift – an aerial lift device which facilitates the safe removal of dead and dying trees, and in regular tree maintenance and restoration services.