Get to Know Zen Tree Care

Zen Tree Care is committed to providing top quality service and care for your trees. With decades of experience in tree servicing, our staff will ensure your trees get exactly what they need to be healthy and vigorous.


Providing excellent service to our residential and commercial clients throughout Simcoe Region is our priority, and our mandate. We build a relationship with clients that is long-lasting, and rooted in honesty, trust, and respect; because we know that a solid partnership best serves our ultimate clients - trees.

We take our slogan very seriously - "Conservation, Care & Respect". It's built into the fabric of Zen Tree Care, and functions to deliver an alternative attitude to tree service in Simcoe County. Zen Tree Care believes in conserving what we have, so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of a healthy planet. Zen Tree Care cares about each tree we plant, prune, and restore. We care for our customers, and ensure their needs are met to the best of our abilities.

And finally, Zen Tree Care believes in showing you the respect you deserve as a customer. Part of this respect is educating, and including customers in the process; not only letting them know what we are doing to their trees, but teaching clients to recognise the signs before trouble begins, and being proactive.

Zen Tree Care can send an arborist to your location throughout Simcoe Region whenever it’s most suitable for your schedule, to discuss the health and welfare of your trees. We’re sure that you’ll be impressed by the quality of our work, and the warmth of our staff. Our business is locally owned and operated so that we’re always easy to contact


We Mean What We Say

As the focal point of the name of my company suggests “Zen”, is calm attentiveness; in my case to trees. There is a wealth of data which supports the notion of trees as sentient beings; feeling pain, communicating between species of trees, defending against attack, and having reciprocal relationships with other plants, fungi, insects and animals.

Beyond this knowledge is the fact that it is because of the presence of trees we owe our existence through the manufacturing of oxygen, cloud formations to irrigate crops and moderate temperature; not to mention the pharmaceutical gifts we benefit from.

It is because of this awareness that our slogan “Conservation, Care & Respect” came to be, and inspired our policy of the removal of trees be relegated to dead, dying and dangerous trees.

Because of this we do our best to work with people to accommodate their needs, and still focus on tree preservation.