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We provide the highest quality tree care, and servicing; always keeping plant health and vigour as top priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office, and it would be our pleasure to give you the answers you need. 

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Zen Tree Care


Zen Tree Care, Tree Pruning

Ensuring a tree has proper branch structure to withstand environments.


There are times when it becomes necessary to remove a tree. 

Zen Tree Care, Tree Restoration

Restore your trees to a level which will satisfy your need for safety.


Zen Tree Care Consulting is a response to the prevalent attitudes of many tree services in Simcoe County, to simply remove trees for the sake of generating revenue. It is the responsibility of arborists to educate the public of the need for conservation, and the alternatives to eradication of tree specimens. With nearly 30 years of experience in the field, Archie DeGaust is able to educate, and provide the best servicing and conservation of trees.

Zen Tree Care, Archie DeGaust

Our Story

Zen Tree Care believes in conserving what we have, so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of a healthy plant. We care about the trees we plant, prune, and restore. We care for our customers, and ensure their needs are met to all the best of our abilities.

Zen Tree Care, Our Policy

Our Policy

Zen Tree Care believes we all have a duty to minimize the impact humans have to the environment and to foster a strong stewardship program. With the devastating effects of EAB on the Ash forest of southern Ontario, and several other introduced pests, and urban sprawl, there is no better time to start a planting program. 

Zen Tree Care, Certified Arborists, Simcoe County

Our Qualifications

We are certified arborists with nearly 30 years of experience in the field, and belong to the Society of International Society of Arboriculture 


Archie loves trees! He is also hugely knowledgeable and brings years of experience, guaranteeing that his recommendations represent what is best to keep your trees healthy, and that it will be done on time, safely, neatly, with finesse and TLC. If you love trees too, I strongly recommend Archie for your questions and solutions. You and your trees are in excellent hands!

—  Beth Foster , Nature and Forest Therapy Guide/ Trail Certification Consultant

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Please feel free to contact Zen Tree Care to ask any questions you may have regarding our services or specific tree issues. Our staff will do all they can to provide you with the information you need.

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