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Victory Garden Fundamentals: Watering

In the face of a global crisis in which people are forced to keep distanced, there may be a way we can come together in a force of compassion, calm and creativity. In a world of tech and machinery, the source of human redemption, renewal and replenishment may come from getting back to a simpler way of life.

This is the Victory Garden; it is a statement, it is a determination!

In this segment we will take a look at the life-blood which supports plant life, and provides the ability to transport nutrients throughout the plant, and moderate temperature.


Water is fascinating in its various forms. It can create eskers and escarpments, slice through mountains and turn enormous turbines to create electricity. It's tensile properties make it possible to move through soil and plants ; and it can exhilarate and refresh when it touches the skin. Every living being on this planet requires water. No matter how big or small, every organism needs it to survive . Water is the transporter of nutrients, and the flusher of toxins; it is a dissolver and cooler in both plant and animal body systems.

Remember, the law of moderation rules in your Victory Garden! Too much water, and roots are starved for oxygen; they atrophy and die - the plant perishes. Too little water, and leaves wither, blossoms drop, and the plant dies (A little leaf wilt is ok because it's an indicator it's time to water).

As with the animal kingdom, each species has its own water requirements. A little research goes a long way; so read up on the various plants you're going to grow - it will pay off in spades (pun intended!).

One thing to note is the importance soil quality plays in the utilisation of water in the soil. Soil texture and make up will determine how much or how little water required. For a really great guide to watering, check The Old Farmer's Almanac out: This is a resource you can return to time and again.

Happy Watering!

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