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Victory Garden Fundamentals: Seed Selection & Moderation Techniques

In the face of a global crisis in which people are forced to keep distanced, there may be a way we can come together in a force of compassion, calm and creativity. In a world of tech and machinery, the source of human redemption, renewal and replenishment may come from getting back to a simpler way of life.

This is the Victory Garden; it is a statement, it is a determination!

In this segment we will take a look at growing plants in areas where growing conditions are not prime. Moisture and temperature extremes.

Growing In Harsh Climates

As with people, plants and animals have optimal conditions in which they thrive, based on their individual requirements. It is important to know which plants will thrive in the area you live. This will make your job easier, and ensure you have healthy and happy plants that will provide good yield.

But what happens if you live somewhere that makes it difficult to provide optimal growing conditions? Like in the Sahara desert, or above the arctic circle or even the space station? There are some cool techniques that can help you increase your chances of growing a Victory Garden. In desert conditions it may be necessary to shade the plants from direct sun (especially during the hottest hours), or mulch around the plants to moderate temperature and control moisture loss.

Above the arctic circle it is almost impossible to grow produce; that is until Growing North developed a way to overcome the extremes of the northern climate. Check this video out:

Now, residents in a Nunavut community enjoy fresh produce year round at affordable prices.

For the average person, it's still possible to grow veggies. By keeping in mind the basic needs of plants, you too can have a Victory Garden. Artificial light and screening may be utilised to augment intensity and the length of daylight, plastic sheeting can make for a temporary greenhouse which can help to retain moisture and heat, and mulch and peat moss can help to keep the ground warm and moist. Get creative, and have fun!

Ben Vidmar is a great example of how thinking outside the box can produce tangible, edible results. This story is really cool and inspiring. Check it out here!

If you think this is cool, spend some time on the internet searching the topics: "growing vegetables above arctic circle" or "growing vegetables in harsh climates". There are so many concepts and ideas out there that are so exciting!

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