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Victory Garden Fundamentals: Site Consideration

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

In these times of uncertainty and isolation it's important to look on those aspects of life which bring us peace and put us in a better headspace. It's easy to get lost in the seemingly hopeless pandemic-centric news, and allow ourselves to spiral out of control. It's imperative we rise to the challenge and find ways to overcome these feelings and thoughts, and reinvent the way in which we do things.

One such way is the creation of a Covid-19 Victory Garden; a source of nourishment for body, mind and spirit. There are very few places on the planet that do not harbour life, and with the multitude of growing techniques available today, there isn't a place we can't grow edible plants. As I write this, lettuce and greens are growing 408 kilometres above earth in the space station!

If you have access to seeds, soil, and water, you're well on your way to growing your own edible plants. If you're in a very hot or cold climate, you may have to utilise techniques to moderate the environment around the plants. Remember, this is not about the quantity of food produced, but the spirit behind it!

This garden is a Victory Garden; it is a statement, it is a determination!

Whether you grow one tuft of lettuce or a whole field of produce, the battle being waged is the same - Covid-19, and the fears and stresses that arise from it. By waging this war we reclaim our sense of purpose and self; we learn to grow in ways in which we never dreamed before.

As the concept of Victory Gardens catches on it may put a high demand on the seed supply. Here, in Canada, there are still ample seed packs on store shelves, and by the beginning of May we will see nurseries brimming with small plants for transplanting at home. If you find a scarce supply of seed, look to plants which may have seeds on their branches or at their feet. Getting sunflower seeds from bird feed will produce beautiful, big plants by August.

Site Considerations

As I mentioned above, there is lettuce growing 408 kilometres above your head, so there's no reason why you can't do the same wherever you live!

Whether you live on a soil rich delta or in an inner-city project, it is possible to grow a plant that will produce a leaf, or seed or fruit that we can consume in defiance of Covid-19.

Flowerpot or field, it doesn't matter: back or front yard or vacant field; deck of a yacht or roof top- it's up to you. Hanging baskets, hanging bags, raised beds, troughs, buckets, and barrels - even 2 litre bottles and old dirty boots!

It doesn’t matter! Soil, water and light are the ingredients to grow a seed into a mature plant; the vessel or site is up to you - get creative, and please share your ideas and pictures.

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