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COVID-19 Victory Garden

In the face of a global crisis in which people are forced to keep distanced, there may be a way we can come together in a force of compassion, calm and creativity. In a world of tech and machinery, the source of human redemption, renewal and replenishment may come from getting back to a simpler way of life.

During both world wars many of those who were not actively on the front lines of battle were requested to do a wide range of activities that would help in the war effort. One such task that came out of necessity was the growing of edible plants to help offset demand to the food supply; a most basic need of everyone. These gardens, found in front and rear yards, vacant lots, and anywhere that would support life, were known as Victory Gardens; and while they played an important role in providing sustenance, they also provided much needed physical, psychological and emotional therapy for anyone who participated.

The benefits of growing and nurturing plants is well documented, and in this time of high stress, low physical activity, and long hours in front of a screen, it is only fitting that we should start to go back to our "roots", so to speak.

There are scores of studies which support the value of gardening in every aspect. Gardening has physical demands which promote muscle, bone and cardiovascular health, it provides quiet time and repetition which calms and reduces stress; and, it brings us in close contact with the natural environment, which in turn, nurtures us. There is spiritual value to gardening because any time we nurture and care for something or someone other than ourselves, we connect deeply to the Source.

Through this platform I will try to convey the various techniques and connections involved in creating your personal Covid-19 Victory Garden, and I urge you to do research and share your experience with the greater global community: we're all in this together, there's no doubt about that.

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