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Easy Lift

In September of this year Zen Tree Care acquired an Easy Lift 70-36AJ spiderlift. This aerial lift device facilitates the safe removal of dead and dying trees, and in regular tree maintenance and restoration services.


This unique unit can pass through a 90cm (36") opening with an overhead clearance of 1.9m (6'6"). Hazardous trees which are inaccessible to conventional bucket trucks, can be removed in a safe manner using the Easy Lift. This device can reach up to 21m (70')!

Zen Tree Care also utilises ground protection mats to ensure there is little or no damage to your lawn. These mats allow for the Easy Lift to cross and/or set up on septic fields and sensitive areas. Non-marking tracks will ensure stone walkways and sidewalks are left with no unsightly black marks.


For large indoor areas with access issues, the Easy Lift can operate on electrical power using a common wall receptacle. The non-marking tracks will guarantee there is no trace of the unit once the work is complete.


Zen Tree Care utilises the Easy Lift to:

• Access tall hedges

• Remove dead/dying trees, too unsafe to climb

• Install bracing and support systems

• Facilitate pruning and restoration activities

• Install/remove Holiday lighting

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